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Aromatherapy is defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It is an art and science which seeks to explore the physiological, psychological and spiritual realm of the individual's 

response to aromatic extracts as well as to observe and enhance the individual's innate healing process. As a holistic medicine, Aromatherapy is both a preventative approach as well as an active treatment during acute and chronic stages of illness or 'dis'-ease.

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Ayurvedic Abhyanga (Marma)

Ayurvedic massage london

Kalari marma massage is a traditional Ayurvedic massage for stimulating vital points.

This is a traditional Kerala ayurvedic massage using herb infused ayurvedic oils, performed by the therapist using her hands and feet, applying appropriate pressure to specific vital points/parts of the body.

Marma abhyanga (also know as Ayurvedic) not only relieves back pain, stiffness and sports injuries but also stimulates various bodily organs and systems.

A unique technique when it comes to massaging the marma points, the uniqueness of the technique cannot be overstated.
Using one or more fingers the massage therapist starts with a light touch, becoming increasingly firm over the course of one to three minutes per point. Working only as deep as the client feels comfortable, the therapist's motions could be either direct or circular. Clockwise movements stimulate and energize a marma point, while counterclockwise motions break up blocked energy held within a point.

A marma-point massage session usually done for 60 to 90 minutes, during which the therapist either covers all 107 points briefly or concentrates her attention on a handful of key points. Either way, the experience can be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. 
We recommend you to try Ayurvedic Marma Massage because even though it is not a deep, strong massage, it can definitely get rid of your pain caused by tension, bad posture or stress. This massage style proves that a massage does not have to be hard and painful to cure you.

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Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage london

Deep Tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. 

Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity, such as athletes, and patients who have sustained physical injury.

This energising deep massage therapy focuses on underlying tissue layers, to release tension in sore, tight muscles, alleviating chronic pains brought about by repetitive strain or a build-up of stress.
It will strengthen and tone muscle tissue, leaving your body recharged and uplifted.

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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

lomi lomi esalen massage london

An unique healing massage derived from the ancient Polynesians. is a "Loving Hands" with total energy, using the long continuous, flowing Fingers, palm, forearm and elbow strokes, combined with the very loving touch, relaxes the entire being.

Through Lomi Lomi stress and tension are relieved, blood and lymph flow assisted and the elimination of wastes and toxins stimulated. 

Using a combination of full-body and under-body strokes, your therapist will lightly stretch your limbs and rotate your joints to free up energy flow. 

Sometimes they might even massage two different parts of 

your body at once to stop your brain focusing on one specific area.

A deep style of massage, Lomi Lomi therapists like to use as many parts of their body as they can to massage you - from fingers, thumbs, palms, arms and elbows, to balancing themselves with a pole or ceiling bar so they can use their feet to literally walk all over you.

The therapy can also be carried out by two therapists to intensify the end results.

It's also known as Californian Esalen massage. In fact, Esalen roots are from Lomi Lomi
The differences between both are that Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is

not only a massage technique, it's a lifestyle that has its roots in Polynesian days of old whilst Esalen massage is Lomi Lomi with a sensual approach due to the lack of draping and protection of personal privacy.

Benefits of the treatment:

• Relief back pain 
• Reduce stress
• Improve sleep
• Eliminate the toxins
• Improve digestion and reduces constipation
• Active blood circulation
• Promote healing. This massage is an approach oriented towards the therapeutic relaxation and its effects.

Therapists performing Lomi Lomi technique:

Facial Massage

facial massage london

Face Massage (Facial rejuvenation) is a natural facelift through massage. It is designed to be a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger. 

It works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. 

Massage can help prevent new tension lines and wrinkles from appearing. Massage does this by relaxing the muscles and by stimulating the blood vessels under the skin.

Tension can build up within our facial muscles from the pressures of everyday life without us realising it. It can be easy for certain thoughts and emotions to become habitual, locking themselves into expressions on our faces - sometimes over a duration of a whole lifetime. 

Under such conditions muscles can actually “dry up? and contract, inhibiting freedom of expression.  This can encourage ageing and the formation of wrinkles as the face loses its muscle tone and elasticity and begins to sag.

All our therapists are qualified in facial massage.

Foot Massage / Reflexology

Foot Massage

A broad term for applying the techniques of massage therapy to the feet.This is not to be confused with Reflexology (applying pressure to specific points). Foot massage is similar to Swedish massage, the most common type of massage. People typically use massage oil or lotion and use gentle gliding strokes all over the foot. It has many benefits. It feels good. It is pleasant and soothing, and it relaxes the body. Each person responds to a Foot massage in a unique way and on occasions may experience a variety of short term reactions, for example, extreme relaxation, tiredness, lethargy or tearfulness. It relieves pain associated with migraine, tension and stress.

All our therapists are able to perform foot massage, each with different pressure.
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reflexology massage london


Reflexology is a form of complementary medicine and involves a method of treatment using massage to reflex areas found in the feet and the hands. Most commonly, the feet are used as the areas to be treated. Reflexology has a Chinese origin. It dates back to more than 3,000 years ago and is used in the prevention and cure of many health ailments. The principle rests in the premise that the meridian network connects all tissues, organs and cells in our body. Each organ in the body is connected to a specific reflex point on the foot through the intermediary of 300 nerves. A trained foot reflexologist can put pressure on different meridians or energy lines on the sole and side of the feet to determine the cause of illness. By using pressure to these the reflex points, Reflexology is good for stimulating the activity internal organs, and to improve blood and lymph circulation. Thus, the top to bottom well being of a person can be made through the foot. Reflexology is fast gaining much popularity and acceptance as an alternative health treatment. Fans of Reflexology believe it can cure not only colds and minor ailments, but more serious ailments as well. These ailments include liver dysfunction, constipation problems, chronic headaches, skin allergies, etc.

Indian Head / Scalp massage

indian head massage london

Indian Head Massage

Is a treatment based on old Ayurvedic techniques involving work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. A variety of massage movements are used to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint movement. Indian Head Massage is used by practitioners to help reduce stress and fatigue, increase mental clarity, and relax and rejuvenate the receiver.

Scalp Massage

Is a part of Indian Head Massage. Scalp Massage is one of the most invigorating massages you can experience. According to Ayurveda, if you want to maintain healthy and lustrous hair, you should provide better nourishment for your hair and the best way to do this is through scalp massage.
Scalp massage is not only beneficial for your hair, but also helps in relaxing your nervous system and distressing your mind. It also promotes sound sleep at night and also stimulates hair growth and replenishes dry and damaged hair. 

All our therapists perform Scalp massage.

Indian head massage specialists:

Lymphatic Drainage

lymphatic drainage massage london

Lymphatic drainage massage is a therapeutic massage treatment that uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase lymphatic flow and get rid of toxins in your body.
Because lymph is so key to keeping your immune system working properly, improving its flow and drainage around the body is good for you in lots of ways. Lymphatic drainage massage can have a powerful effect on your general health:

• It can help your body fight infection and speed up healing and recovery from illness
• It is a popular and effective treatment for cellulite

• It reduces water retention
• It can boost weight loss
• Manual lymphatic drainage is used in the treatment of lymphoedema

It can improve your skin texture by:

• Reducing swelling, puffiness and blotches
• Giving you clean healthy pores
• Speeding up healing in scar tissue, so it can, for example, improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Therapists qualified on this technique: 

Swedish / Holistic

Swedish Holistic massage london

Although massage can be traced back as early as 3000BC, the massage we most recognize today originates from the work of a Swedish physiologist hence the term ‘Swedish massage’. It is sometimes also referred to as ‘holistic massage’ as the treatment takes into account the whole person, rather than just focusing on the symptom or the part that has the problem.

Benefits of the treatment:

To put it simply, our muscles are attached to our bones. When we get tense or stressed, our muscles build up lactic acid ‘knots’ which prevent them from working smoothly. In turn they pull our bones out of their correct alignment which can lead to poor posture, pain and other problems. 

Massage not only helps break down these knots and free the muscles up but also has the following clinically-proven benefits:

• Improves skin condition and muscle tone
• Relieves muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness
• Boosts immunity
• Slows down the body systems encouraging them to repair and renew.
• Improves sleep patterns
• Lowers blood pressure
• Reduces the effects of stress and depression

And of course massage allows us to switch off, unwind and be at peace for a while.

All our therapists are able to perform Swedish / Holistic massage.

Sports Massage

sports massage london

Sports Massage is the application of Massage and Stretch techniques to the muscle and connective tissues of the body to enhance athletic performance and maximise the performance of the athlete.

Sporting activities involve muscle activity as the primary motive force and many sporting injuries are directly muscle injuries or originate from muscle dysfunction.

Sports Massage increases range of movement, increases flexibility and relieves muscle soreness.

It assists in injury prevention and promotes faster recovery from both training and injury. Sports Massage is applied to advantage Pre-Event, Inter Event, Post Event and during Rehabilitation. This treatment is not just for the sports person: anyone can benefit from sports massage, including people in physically demanding jobs and those not quite so obvious (occupational, emotional and postural stress may produce many similar characteristics to sports injuries).

Sports massage tends to be deeper and more intense.

It is based on the various elements of Swedish massage and often incorporates a combination of other techniques involving stretching, compression, friction, toning, and trigger point response techniques similar to Acupressure and Shiatsu. 

The skilled therapist brings together this blend of techniques, knowledge and advice during treatment, to work effectively with the client to bring about optimum performance and to provide injury-free training and minimise post event injuries.

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shiatsu massage london

Shiatsu technique refers to the use of fingers and palm of one's hand to apply pressure to particular sections on the surface of the body for the purpose of correcting the imbalances of the body, and for maintaining and promoting health. It is also a method contributing to the healing of specific illnesses.
The most obvious benefit of Shiatsu is the healing and relaxation that it provides, and the continuous flow of energy throughout the body. But, there are other benefits as well, and just a few are listed below:

• Relieves stress and tension
• Reduces blood pressure
• Reduces anxiety
• Increases mental and spiritual awareness
• Treats many specific disorders and illnesses
• Can help reduce labour pains
• Increases energy
• Maintains regular menstrual patterns

Therapists qualified on Shiatsu technique: 

Four & Six Hands massage

four hands massage london

Four Hands massage

Also known as Duo Massage, 4 hands massage. Four-handed massage is a massage where two therapists work on you at the same time, mirroring each others' movements. For instance, both your legs or arms are being massaged at the same time. One therapist works on the right side of your back while the other works on the left.
Four-handed massage feels like you are completely enveloped in sensation and can be quite a wonderful experience. To synchronize, one therapist takes the lead and the other follows, but it should feel like they're doing the same thing simultaneously. It helps if they have a similar style and "touch" and have worked together before.
Four-handed massage comes out of the Ayurvedic tradition, where it is called abhyanga.

Massage for Couples

couples massage london

Whether you're on a romantic getaway or simply treating yourself to an indulgent massage session, a couples massage is a great way to relax and rejuvenate both you and your loved one. Despite the suggestive name, couples massages aren't just for couples--friends and family members can also enjoy this invigorating experience together.

For a couples session, massage therapy is usually intended for relaxation purposes rather than the healing of an injury. Swedish massage, the most common form of massage, is often used in couples massage for its relaxing effects.