Massage Styles:

- Swedish / Holistic
- Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
- Sports massage
- Classic Relaxing massage
- Aromatherapy

Languages Spoken:

- English
- Bulgarian
- Russian
- Greek

andreaa london massage

Daniella is from Bulgaria and has been specialising in massage for the last five years. Daniella incorporates different styles of massage techniques for a relaxing, pleasurable and soothing treatment that meets your specific needs. Combining music, aromatics and a warm, gentle touch she aims to clear your mind as well as your body and leave you feeling held, rested and renewed.

Danielle enjoys the more holistic and spiritual aspects of massage as a form of therapy and uses only the best quality organic oils in her treatments. Her goal is to leave you feeling happier, healthier and lighter in your soul. She sees massage as a meditational and spiritual experience for both giver and receiver.


Good session with Daniella as always.
Paul, London

There are many excellent therapists but no one quite like her. Danielle does indeed take great care of her clients.
Thomas, London

Just wanted to say Daniella was excellent. Thank you very much.
Ron, London

Very happy that she was available - I think she's one of the best therapists I've ever had :)
Jack, London

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