- Swedish / Holistic
- Strong Swedish (deep pressure)
- Scalp massage


- English
- German
- Polish
- French

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As a Massage Therapist, Maria likes to alternate between deep and soft pressure points for best results. Starting with warming up the tissue and then gradually working deeper to improve clients well being, ensuring at the same time that the problem areas are dealt with efficiently.

Maria's ITEC qualification gives her a good knowledge of anatomy and muscular system that helps her to focus on causes and discomforts in the body to assist in fast healings.

Maria is very passionate about her job and believes that a good massage therapist should not be afraid to massage the body properly, as it is a must for excellent results.

Maria is a good listener, and very intuitive at tailoring her massage to her clients needs, weather is to work the knots out of the body, or put her clients in a state of total relaxation due to jetlag, or accumulated stress. 

Maria is a big fan of all organic/natural products in general. She uses only organic massage oils for her clients.


Whether you are an athlete with sore muscles or you have stiff shoulders from sitting at a desk all day (I have both) Maria gives the best massage I have had on this planet.
Victor, London

Thanks. Maria did a great massage.
Ian, London.

Thank you very much, I had an amazing massage.
Manish, London.

Excellent massage.
Vic, London.

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